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Gwenythe b. Harvey is an award winning Horticulturist that was recently nominated for a prestigious award on urban horticulture from The American Horticultural Society. Gwenythe specializes in English and Botanical Gardens and is well known for gardens which lend visual appeal through-out the growing season.  Oft described as a "Weaver of Magical Gardens" and recently described in an article by the Waterbury Republican American as "Lady of the Land", Gwenythe uses organic philosophies and consistent garden management programs to bring colorful vitality to a landscape.  Her published weekly series are available on Sundays throught the Torrington Register and their affiliates, or online at 
Daily/weekly comments, inspirational notes, colorful design techniques are also available on her blog.
Speaking presentations that teach, entertain and inspire are scheduled for off season by calling 860-567-3708, or by e-mail at As of Feb. 2013 we are now booking for fall and winter of 2013-2014.

The Garden Goddess, LLC is a Permaculture Practitioner and offers Garden Designs for all manners of Gardens AND unusual solutions to awkward Landscape problems. This firm offers Landscape Designs based on environmentally beneficial planting methods and implementation and maintainence programs.  We are well known for our three season color designs and considered specialists in English Gardens,  Historical  Property restorations and the upgrading and revitalization of Coe Memorial Park in Torrington, Ct.

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