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In Good Shape..
This Wallingford property has been upgraded and enhanced by the addition of a Vermont granite retaining wall, brick covered concrete steps, and revitalized landscaping.  A lackluster entry has been transformed much to the enjoyment of the owner.
His statements " I now have the nicest entry in the neighborhood" and " I am so pleased. This came out better then I envisioned it" also pleased us! The granite was handpicked to match the beige color of the house and is called "cottage stone". The bricks match one of the textures in the brick frontspiece on the house.  All these details are part of the artistic vision we bring to each and every job.
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<Wanted, a stone pathway that looked like it had been there for a while.

The photograph to the left shows the work in progress.  The photograph above shows the brick steps drying in the sun. The granite wall had already been installed by us, much to the delight of the owner.

The Photograph below is of a Litchfield Installation. The taller ends were capped with slate. Because this area was set down from the road, a curtian drain was installed the length of the stone wall. 
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Lots of construction debris and huge boulders were found under the soil. The arborvitates and any other plants of value were moved elsewhere. The entry is welcoming and the colors warm.