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             West Cornwall, Conn.

The owners of this French styled cottage are busy career
individuals. They wanted to weave all the elements present on their
property into an integral whole.  However, they had been frustrated
in their attempts at a Landscape design from other firms. This
property was largely filled in, bounded on one side with a stream,
and on the other with runoff from the mountains. Also existing was
the typical New England farmer's woe of rocks, rocks, and more
rocks, which of course we used!
The stone wall installation (photograph below) was low
and narrower than most are. This is far more difficult to create then
the typical wider and taller stone walls that are seen thru-out New
England. To keep the structure's stability, it was necessary to
alleviate drainage problems with underground trenching and piping.
The extra work is what makes for a lasting wall and is part and parcel
of the
PRIDE we take in each and every Masonry and Garden
Stone Wall and Garden Installation in
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A Faire Glen from a pile of rubble!

The photograph on the right represents the winding stone
pathway to the faerie mound, which now has a large stone table
and four moss covered boulders for seating. The area was
planted with  wildflowers from the property. These included three
varieties of trillium, five varieties of ferns including Maidenhair,
wild orange columbine, genetians, oxtails, lichen , and digitalis.  
A frog tunnel is not shown in the photograph, because it is
located around a curve in the pathway . This froggy residence
has been outfitted with a looking glass inside and a tiny bench
outside the front door. A shelf by this door holds a miniature bell
and a small moss covered pot. Friendly miniature ducks greet
the visitor, and when a child looks inside the tunnel she/he sees
themselves smiling back. The owner's children love this faerie
glen and spend much joyful time in it. The owners had this to
say, and I quote, "Accolades on your efforts. We are very happy
with the results. The children are enchanted".
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Boulder Table &
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Children's Handprints
and Date were incised
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