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Stone wall and Garden Design and Installation in Bridgewater,
A challenge because of site drainage problems and large tree roots,
this very straight stone wall was an engineering miracle. Precise
measurements were taken, the trench was dug deep to allow for settling, and
the higher back area was backfilled with gravel and landscaping fiber to
prevent soil seepage into the wall.  The Garden
Goddess team also hand chiseled and installed stone walks and stone
benches at this site. All were made from the marvelous large boulders found
on the site of this old farm. The front area was planted with 1000 bluebell
bulbs, silver allium and wild forget-me-nots. The owner has since placed  two
antique stone urns on either end of the wall, which can be seen below.
A Curving Brick Walkway of herringbone patterned, old-fashioned
bricks, is slightly pitched to the stair risers. A Garden Design and Installation
completes the pretty welcoming picture.

The base of the walkway was trenched at a pitch and filled with a layer of sand
and stone dust on the clay base. Because of drainage runoff from the gutters
over a period of years, the soil  was uneven from erosion and depleted.
Gutter extensions were added, dug in and extended into the yard. This
allowed the water to drain a a distance away from the gardens. Garden areas
were defined and then dug out 12 inches into the clay hard pan. Peat and pea
gravel mixed together with good top soil  and rich compost assure Gardens of
continued beauty and good growth..
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A Mountainside Installation in Thomaston, Ct.
which culminated in a cedar walkway to a Japanese Garden
at a higher elevation.  Simplicity is paramount in a Japanese
Garden and is also the key tenet of Zen.  To see the
Japanese Garden installation with Before and After
photographs go to the 2010-2008 Design Portfolio link.
Choosing the stones and combinations we
used developed the true spirit of a Japanese
While the stones in the Japanese Garden
itself represent the Buddha and disciples, the
stones scattered throughout the garden areas also
have traditional imagery associated with them.
This site was one of the more difficult installations
for Gwenythe and her crew.  The driveway was of
granite stone, steep and very slippery with the dew
in early morning.  This necessitated great care in
transporting people, materials and vehicles over it.
Notice the Bamboo
covering the concrete
The circular stone wall was built to
provide a higher elevation for the
Japanese Garden and  provide easy
access to the rear areas.