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From the top floor of this home in Woodbury, Ct.,  you can see, away in the distance, open vistas of
fields and meadows.
The Garden Goddess was hired to design and redo an existing garden, install new gardens, and rectify
drainage problems with a 3 year timeline for the work. The photograph below and the blueprint insert show the rear of the house. The
homeowner had the perennial garden along the back decking installed two months earlier by a local Landscaper. She was displeased with
the result.  The installation of a stairway in the center of the elongated deck is suggested and shown in the garden layout proposed by
Gwenythe. This will match a brick and slate staircase which is just off the studio. The garden will than extend in a graceful sweep
reminiscent of a enclosed courtyard, to the end of a stone retaining wall. A glade of birches chosen for their sculptural growth habits will
soften the lines of the house. The gardens will  to be raised to cover the space under the decking which will provide maximum visual
appeal from the house interior. Since this homeowner loves lilacs, the rear garden areas are wrapped with a brace of dwarf lilacs,
interplanted with delphiums, hollyhock and Iris as well as other hardy perennials. This garden embrace then sweeps around the side of the
studio.  The trellis on both sides of the french doors were moved higher and centered with the doors, thus achieving scale.  Climbing
roses and clematis planted by each trellis will gracefully accentuate the stairway and provide additional summer scent and color.
                           From the first crocus blossoms in early spring to the last flush of roses before first frost, this
                             enclosed courtyard will be a colorful refuge, a bright bloom overlooking the fields beyond.
The Food for All Project in West
Cornwall, Ct.
is described in blueprint below.

A sketch of the plantings for a welcoming entry to the forty acre site is
on the right. A woodland walk through the raised bed by the side of
the house will incorporate native wildflowers, ferns and flowering
shrubs. Huge snowball Hydrangeas will offer their lightness to both
front and rear entrys.        
Part of the expansive Blueprint Design and Planting Schedules for this Woodbury Property
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