Gwenythe Harvey's expertise in designing blueprints and hand coloring the color schematics is the result of a lifetime of artistry. As the preparation of the canvas is critical in painting, so is the preparation of a site specific plan for your site. A serious prerequisite is a mutual vision for planning. This teamwork results in a plan that achieves the visual success the owner desires, while also planning for site and zone environmental conditions. To further illuminate the design effort an ongoing installation and maintainence plan for the entire site can be envisioned and drawn. Plant listings and their care, laminated blueprints for field work and a frameable color schematic can be all or a part of the design concept implemented by The Garden Goddess.
The advantage of coded plant lists and colour schematics are shown above. The owner wanted cool colors near the house and a distant view of bright colours from the living room bay window. And, of course we couldn't forget sweet "Dolly" who now has her own pathway which will add to her "perfumed" scent as she walks over the thyme. Did you know that pigs are hesitant to walk on surfaces that are smooth? The entry way was designed to have a wildflower embrace on one side of the  long driveway .
This is a part of the blueprints prepared for the extensive gardens we designed, reconfigured and enhanced for a Roxbury client.
The green pathway below is a sweet thyme walk for the "Dolly", the owner's miniature pig.
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