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Country Estate with Busy Owners and a lack of consistent grounds care over the years.  The Garden Goddess was consulted and hired to rescue and upgrade. First order of  business was amending the soil, and then reconfiguring and outlining all the Garden Areas.  Invasive species were moved, trees and shrubs pruned and fed, and diseased and dying shrubs removed. The remainder of the plants were moved to locations better suited to each individual species, and many of the Gardens were redesigned and replanted. The rear terrace perennial garden was thinned of some species and planted with flowers showcasing a changing palette of interesting colors throughout the growing season.  The hypertufa containers on the slate covered brick enclosure were planted with varied succulents and bonsai species..
   A Feast for the Eyes!!!!! 
For the 2007 season, the Entry to this Estate has been planted with 2000 bulbs of narcissus, daffadills of various hues of cremes and soft yellows, blue and white muscari and specimen hybrid tulips in pinks and salmon. In June and July many lilys including fragrant Stargazer and Casa Blanca will grace the entry areas.
The choice of species and colours was dedicated to Claude Monet's style of Impressionism, and his devotion to the ideals of the interplay of light and soft color.. 
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Wanted: English Garden Concept without
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This seeming contradiction in terms afforded The Garden Goddess the luxury of using old fashioned standards in perennials and weaving them with mature modern day shrubbery and trees.   Heritage Birch, Red Sunset Maples, a wonderful specimen of Dr. Merill Magnolia, pink diamond hydrangeas, wine and rose prunus, wigleia and clipped boxwood hedgerows. These were woven in a tapestry of plums, pinks, and burgundies for the spring and summer with reds, shocking pink, and bright golds for the fall months. Old fashioned scabiosa, yucca filamentosa, digitalis, rudbeckia, pennisetums, and rose sedums were some of the specimen perennial plantings.  
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This "After" photograph below was taken when the design installation was completed.

For the future we plan on installingl Phase II of the Design. This will include foundation plantings on the hillside, a bedding area for plant propagation, a vine covered pergola for shade and interesting plantings around the new deck areas.  Not seen in these photographs in the Perennial Garden with its Emerald Arborvitae screening, and a Norway Spruce glade installation. 
Designing Places Where You Want To Be!
A striking specimen Yoshino Cherry Tree  graces the front entry with a profuse scent and lovely pink flowers in the Spring. The 6' specimen pink diamond hydrangea pictured   and  dwarf lilacs, pink elders, River Birch clumps, a variety of spruces, dogwoods, carlessi and 174 perennials will accentuate this site with color from April through to October each year. Grasses were used throughout to add their sculptural gifts during the stark New England winters.  
An overall plan is always needed for a successful Landscaping Installation. The photograph above represents "Before" the completion of Phase 1.     
An overall plan is always needed for a successful Landscaping Installation. The Garden Goddess designed gardens, terraces, walkways and a pond site for this property. A natural glacial depression, property abutting a wildlife preserve, long distance forested views, an ancient glade, are just a few of the advantages of this site. The design was incorporated into Phases for a 5 year installation process.. The photographs on this page highlight Phase 1.
The wall was designed to enhance visually the length of the house which had been shortened to the eye because of the facade. Eventually an arch will grace the opening between the two lengths of wall. This will lead to terraced herb and perennial gardens. Because of the degree of pitch on this sloping lot, a curtian drain was installed in front of the wall.  Because the soil was of clay consistency, drainage was poor. To further enhance the drainage system, and properly protect the wall, a base of 2'5" of gravel was used which was additionally protected from silt runoff by the use of landscape fiber.
Front walkway in process