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Web Design: Gwenythe b. Harvey

This place has never looked so good.  The gardens are so lush and the colors make music.  I am hearing cymbals!!
R, Kent, Ct. (client is a Choreographer)

Riding through the quiet town of Goshen, turning into Woodridge, noticing the lack of innovative and colorful landscaping and then coming upon our house..  Magic!  Our site looks completely beautiful and peaceful.  We are so enjoying the transformation. Thank You.
S&K, Woodridge Lake, Goshen, Ct.

Gwenythe b. Harvey has an artistic vision that is clearly evident in her floral creations.
Her sense of color and design, as well as the use of materials, has resulted in spectacular creations that compliment the decor of the Hotchkiss-Flyer House Museum.  visitors are always impressed by Gwenythe's creations.
Gail Kruppa, Curator, Torrington Historical Society

Mother nature could not be more caring or dedicated to your gardens than the Garden Goddess.
Steve E., Litchfield, Ct.

The Garden Godess has accomplished a wonderful job of enhancing my gardens
. She is delightful to work with because we both love flowers. My garden is becoming a veritable painting with the various colors and textures of flowering plants.  
Kate F., Goshen, Ct.

The Garden Goddess LLC , Gwenythe briat Harvey ,
is an impeccable horticulturist. Words always seem to fail me when attempting to describe the floral color pallet in all of her gardens. Her scope and depth of design remain unmatched and she is a true visionary when planning & executing gardens.   It would be very difficult to find another with such valuable & definable qualities.
Margaret K., Torrington, Ct.   Coe Memorial Park Committee member

I’d like to comment briefly on the heartfelt gardening of The Garden Goddess.
  Ms. Harvey has an extraordinary eye for taking nature as it is and enhancing it. She uses strong colors and form to create superb gardens that look effortless and never contrived.  The reasons for her success is that:   she studies the topography of the land; watches where the sun resides for the better part of the day; prepares the soil with nutrients it lacks and faces head on the challenge of watering with her clients.  Most importantly, she loves her work and is a tireless worker.  She talks to and takes care in planting her subjects giving them the honor that all living species should enjoy.
                Ms. Harvey has a whimsical air and sometimes adds fairies to the miniature stone walkway tucked alongside an aged tree.  She can build stone walls and add waterfalls, design a water feature or dry waterbed – she is a master of the landscape and a protector of the environment.  Her philosophy is not to add chemicals to the mix.
                I recommend that you go to Ms. Harvey’s website to see all that she has created and where she has gone to study the gardens of the world.  Look at the heart of this precious woman and you will say to yourself…I want to meet the Garden Goddess…I want to create a garden of beauty…I want to enrich my world and my place in it. 
Shirley and Nate Z., Bantam, CT,  long-time clients and a student of Ms. Harvey’s Gardening techniques.

The Garden Goddess is nothing less than her name implies. In two short seasons she transformed our gardens. Her vision and feel for the surroundings created for us a Garden of Eden
Michael and Susan L, Goshen, Ct.
I shall be telling this with a sigh , Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost
            "A Weaver of magical Gardens for your Landscape Environment"
                                              P.O. Box 1064, Litchfield, Conn. 06759            e-mail: webmaster@gardengoddess.net
           Just a wee bit of some of the Testimonials and comments I have graciously received, plus a few excerpts from media articles..................
I would recommend Gwenthe Harvey for any horticultural project I can imagine.  I recently retired and purchased a home in Salisbury, Ct.  Ms. Harvey designed the landscaping. She started with the bare mud of a construction site, but when she was finished the gardens she created looked liked they had been there forever
One of the best things about her plantings is that I have continuous bloom from April to November.  In early spring the crocuses, forget-me-nots and daffodils appear along with the blooms from a variety of shrubs. And in the fall, the Autumn Joy sedum eases me gently into winter.  In between there are phlox, lilies, irises, waves of color and texture.
Even in winter the gardens are pretty.  The heads of many cone flowers were deliberately left standing to collect snow and look like tiny teepees outside my window. 
I feel so fortunate to have had her create this beauty around my house.
Marjorie P., Salisbury, Ct.

We at Byk-Chemie USA, Inc. highly appreciate the superlative landscaping work performed by The Garden Goddess during Phase I and Phase II construction.  Ms. Harvey not only possesses a great deal of knowledge in the field of horticulture, but her creative skills and attention to detail are second to none. 
She transforms a landscape into a botanical work of art.
Mark W, Wallingford, Ct. V.P. and Chief Operating Officer
(This site was
nominated for an Award from the Town of Wallingford) Click to see the completed Phase II at the following link: http://www.gardengoddess.net/07DesignPortfolio1.html

Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and planting lessons. You did such a great job at Byk-Chemie and everyone was and continues to be ' Wowed'  by your creative approach to a commercial landscape.
I not only enjoyed working with you but also appreciated your special gifts with plants.
You are a true artist.
Alrun H., V,P. Hylwa, Inc, General Contractors, Meriden, Ct.

When Ms. Harvey was hired  to work in Coe Memorial Park, we had a large place with no soul.  In just three years, Gwenythe and her team transformed a patch of grass into a horticultural oasis in the midst of a busy, urban setting.
The use of unique plants and a lush color palette brought people from all over the region to visit, take pictures, and hold events in the Park.  People had a new sense of pride in their downtown.   Ms. Harvey not only lived up to the desires and wishes of the Coe Memorial Park Subcommittee, she honored the wishes of my ancestors.  
Susan Coe Holbrook Coe Descendant and Coe Memorial Park Committee Member                                                                 
Awards and Nominations
Awarded a Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation from The Torrington Club, a prestigious and venerable group of business owners and politicians for my work at Coe Memorial Park.
Awarded an Official Citation from the State of Ct. General Assembly in recognition of “ Your special gift of horticultural magic.  With loving hands, a strong back and a full heart, you have transformed Coe Memorial Park into a place of remarkable beauty and tranquility.  We salute you for your thousands of hours spent on this labor of love and thank you for making Torrington blossom.”
Nominated for an award from The American Horticultural Society
for an Award from the Town of Wallingford, Ct.

                                            Media Articles
"Lady of the Land" , Waterbury Republican, May 2008
Bliss in Bloom, Gwenythe briat Harvey does Mother Nature's bidding in Torrington
"Harvey believes in Horticultural Urbanization, the idea that a beautiful public space can lower crime and improve a city's economy"
Carrie Macmillian, Reporter

There has been a 100-percent turnaround.  We have meetings in the Park now and traffic in the bank has picked up because I think people like to walk in the Park afterwards. 
Michael D, Manager, BOA

"Coe Memorial Park is an asset to the City, not only because the community enjoys it, but because people who come to town trying to decide if they want to live or do business here can see it.  We think Torrington is really up and coming and this is just part of it. How cool is it that we have a Horticulture class in downtown Torrington" ( Havey hosted a series of symposiums in the Park)
"The gardens are pristine and the city takes pride in their mini-Central Park"
Rose P, Dir. of Economic Development, Torrington, Ct.

"Now, with what I call
Gwenythe's magic, we don't have any problems with vandalism.  She picks out the right colors and her designs and plantings keep with what the Coe family had"
Susan Coe H, Winsted, Ct.

"Gardeners are always amazed that here in blue-collar Torrington, we have this beauty
Margaret K. Coe Memorial Park Committee member

A Gardener and More,  The Hartford Courant Aug. 5, 2008

"Their is much to recommend Gwenythe briat Harvey beyond her storied gardening skills, but around Litchfield County she is known as the person who turned Coe Memorial Park into Torrington's beautiful summer showplace"
"It is no idle boost when Harvey states that the horticultural urbanization of Coe Memorial Park has resulted in the area arond the Park being upgraded with plantings, increased tourism, a very low crime rate and thriving economic development in Torrington's downtown area."
Owen C, Writer and Journalist

Clarity of purposeful respect for nature is what defines a good gardener and encourages plants to grow to all lengths to please their caretaker. Gardening truly is a team effort based on a mutual respect of all living things.  
                   Some Comments regarding the published Weekly Series
I enjoy your columns so much! Clearly, your mind is wonderfully suited for designing landscapes, but I'm afraid mine is not. I just don't have your vision...but I enjoy reading about yours!  I sent your column on Wisteria to a friend in North Carolina. She is thrilled. She’s a REAL gardener, digs her own ponds, etc. and loves frogs. She thinks your column is wonderful!
Linda M , New Hartford, Connecticut

Dear Gwenythe:
I am so glad to have access to you and your wonderful gardens through your Register Citizen pieces. Such pleasure!
Carol S, Torrington, Ct.

Hi, Gwenythe,
I just wanted to say thank you again for your assistance with my Wisteria vine! I followed your instructions, and one of our five has multiple flowers this year!!! I’m waiting on the other four vines to follow suit!
I love your weekly column and find that I turn to it first every Sunday.
Again, thank you!
Lorie N, Torrington, Ct.

Dear Garden Goddess:
I love reading your column in the Register Citizen. I have tried some of your solutions on my gardens, and they’ve been successful.
Lynn M, Torrington

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