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                            Landscape Design
Gwenythe b. Harvey, Landscape and Garden Designer, blends strong designs, natural materials and innovative plantings to create bold,  architectural and timeless landscapes.
Founded on a passion for design excellence and a meticulous attention to detail, our work ranges from the classical to the contemporary. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to produce unique schemes within the constraints of the budget and the site.  The practice can accomondate complex long term projects yet is small enough to maintain a very personal approach with Gwenythe remaining closely involved from start to finish.  Shown below are a few choice Landscape Designs from 2012. Enjoy!
The Torrington Historical Society's Hotchkiss-Flyer House, Museum and Carriage House grounds....
Enhancing a popular Tourist Destination in downtown Torrington, Ct........
Excerpt from Proposal
"This has been an entertaining and interesting research project. I have searched the Smithsonian's Archives of American Gardens, which includes thousands of slides from the 1920-1930's. On the final draft, plants that have been in cultivation since the mid 1920's should be chosen to complement what is already on site. Large Rose gardens were popular in this time frame as were plants such as Lilies, Hydrangeas and Hostas.
Heirloom Rose growers provide the year that a Rose came into cultivation, as do heirloom Bulb growers, so its easy  to tell what kinds of Roses or Daffodils a 1930ish garden held. The key is searching for plants that are labeled 'heirloom' or 'antique'.
I have found many books from that era that were extremely helpful, particularly "The  Fragrant Path" by Louise Beebe Wilder, which was published in 1932.
In addition, we know that Gertrude was fond of Carnations, Dahlias, rambling Roses, Calla Lilies, Chrysanthemums, and tall specimen Lilies.  Thus the final plan will be representative of that fact.
As an aside,  the climbing Rose that is growing tirelessly over the Arbor by the rear entry is an old fashioned variety named 'Blush Noisette', which was introduced in France in 1817. Its many clusters of pink-lilac blooms repeat profusely and are richly scented.
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