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                                     Erraid an island at the end of the world
                                                Page VIII of my latest adventures:
                                   The Findhorn Community on the Isle of Erraid.
To Print out the original Celtic Cross Garden Design: either print the page or cut and paste into your word
                  The Celtic Cross
symbolizes the four roads of the four corners of the earth, and the meetings of these roads at a central point formed
a cross, indicating the center of the world body.  The circle design represents eternity or as the Druids thought the
sun.  This design has a sun dial in the very center of the cross.  The colorful stained glass style of the design is
achieved by weaving colorful annuals through the basic plantings.
        Celtic Cross Planting List
The Four Roads Garden:
Base Planting:                                                     Annuals for Weaving:
A. Alyssum                                                             Golden Nasturtium (tropaeolum majus) amongst the Alyssum
M. Monarda/Red                                                    Ageratum 'Artist Blue' amongst the nepata
W. Wormwood                                                        Deep Scarlet Zinnias amongst the Monarda
L. Lavendula                                                          Daisy Soprano White Improved 'Osteospermum hybrid amongst
N. Nepata. kept trimmed into a hedgerow              the wormwood
V. Viola
b. Buxus
Center circle for a sun dial

Upper Left Garden: Culinary
Base Planting:                                                    Annuals for Weaving:
Border of Stachys
interwoven with                     Cleome Senorita Rosalita with its deep green foliage amongst the
perennial 'White Delight' phlox subulata               Purple Sage
A. Alyssum                                                            Golden Nasturtium (tropaeolum majus) amongst the Alyssum
T. Thymus                                                            Coleus 'Lime Light' amongst the Bay
S. Winter Savory                                                   Star Flower Beth's Blue, Laurentia 'Beth's Blue' amongst the
P. Purple Sage                                                     Violas   
J.  Bay
I. Rosemary
V. Viola
N. Nepata

Lower Left Garden: Medicinal
Base Planting:                                                    Annuals for Weaving:
A. Alyssum                                                           Angelonia Angelface ® Blue, 'Angelonia angustifolia hybrid',
F. Fennel                                                             planted amongst the Silver King and the Violas
R. Rue                                                                 The Daisy Lemon Symphony 'Osteospermum hybrid'
F. Frigida, pasture sage                                      planted amongst the Rue
B. Monarda/Pink                                                  Bronze Snapdragons amongst the Fennel and the Frigida
Z. Silver King and Z1. Silver Mound                     Verbena Lanai Magenta planted amongst the Thymus                    
C. Feverfew
V. Viola
T. Thymus

Upper Right Garden: Fragrance
Base Planting:                                                    Annuals for Weaving:
A. Alyssum                                                            Golden nasturtiums planted amongst the Alyssum
T. Thymus                                                            The Daisy Soprano® Lilac Spoon planted amongst the Violas
B. Bee Balm/Pink                                                  Nemesia Blue Bird, 'Nemesia fruticans hybrids' planted amongst
H. Hyssop                                                             the Nepata.
X. Lemon Verbena                                                Butterfly Deep Pink Penta, 'Penta lanceolata planted amongst the
K. Lemon Balm                                                     Bee Balm
N. Nepata                                                             Verbena Lanai Magenta planted amongst the

Lower Right Garden: Culinary
Base Planting:                                                   Annuals for Weaving:
Border of Stachys interwoven with                      Bracteantha Strawburst Yellow, Bracteantha 'Strawburst
perennial 'White Delight' phlox subulata             amongst the Mint and Rosemary
T. Thymus                                                           Lantana Bandana Orange Sunrise planted amongst the Winter
G. Golden Thyme                                               Savory and the Fennel
S. Winter Savory                                                 Butterfly Red Penta, 'Penta lanceolata' planted amongst the Basil
O. Oregano                                                        Salvia Blue Frost, Salvia farinacea 'Blue Frost' planted
F. Fennel                                                           amongst the Golden Thyme
C. Feverfew                                                        
I or R1 for. Rosemary
V. Violas

Shopping list for Base Plantings

A. Alyssum (which self seeds so I consider it a perennial) O. Oregano
B. Bee Balm/Pink                                                               P. Purple Sage
C. Feverfew                                                                       Q. Orange Mint
D. left blank (your choice)                                                  R. Rue
E. Mignonette                                                                    S.Winter Savory
F. Fennel                                                                           T. Thymus
G. Golden Thyme                                                              U. Terragon
H. Hyssop                                                                          V. Viola
I. Rosemary                                                                        W. Wormwood/Artemesia
J. Bay                                                                                 X.Lemon Verbena
K. Lemon Balm                                                                  Y.  left blank (your choice)
L. Lavendula                                                                      Z. Silver Mound and Silver King
M. Monarda/Red
N. Nepata
Stachys and 'White Delight' Subulata
Mints of your choice, remember these are invasive so plant into pots and sink into ground. Orange Mint is especially
good for tea and cakes.
Basil remember to keep from flowering.
Wormwood and Silver King are invasive. Plant into pots and then sink into ground.
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