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                   'Like Paradise' or a 'little piece of Heaven'
                            is how visitors have described the garden and grounds in this Kent Estate.

Symmetry and order reign supreme in this elegant garden.  Yet its deceptively simple design belies the passion and hard work involved in creating such a masterpiece.  Set in just under 1/4 of an acre, this garden area brings to mind the old adage that 'the best thngs come in small packages'. Luscious shrubbery planted over thirty years ago and a concept of 'rooms'of color' (a technique often associated with the arts and crafts movement) introduce different styles of plants, as well as making the journey around the garden intriguing and fun.

The owner travels the world and I am sure he visited other gardens for inspiration because the choreography is at once formal yet exciting and radiates the appearance of a unified crescendo. 

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The Owners share a love for architectural specimens and appreciate texture and beautiful leaf shapes. Hostas, Autumn Joy Sedum, mature Hydrangea 'paniculata Grandifloria' trees, specimen Cupressus glabra"aurea', variegated foliage of Cornus alba 'Gouchaltei' Dogwood and an avenue of pollarded 'Malus rosacea' Crab Apple trees all share pride of place.  The ordered structure provides a foil for the relaxed cottage style plant combinations as well as some quirky bright colored birdhouses mounted in joyful reflected symmetry. 

Two of the most disctinctive features of the garden are the small but perfectly proportioned Hosta and Anemone allee and the entry courtyard.  The entry courtyard features an '
Acer palimatum' dwarf Red Maple.  Its lacey red leaves float above mature Windflowers in ethereal shades of frosty pink.  Sentinel plantings of Cupressus glabra 'Aurea' framed with a boxwood hedge, sky blue Campanella,  Autum Joy Sedums, and a specimen Calodedrus 'Insersecedo' impress and delight.

The Hosta allee is planted with a diverse collection of Hostas and Ferns.  The Hostas include Big Daddy, Sum and Substance, Arnie Arett, and Brother Stefon.  Painted Fern, Lady Fern and Maidenhair Ferns add interest and a softness to the vignette.  This melodic use of  various shades of green provides a strong introduction to the chorus of colors just around the corner.
         Containers= Focal Point

They have a myriad of uses as excellent Gap-fillers, to provide the illusion of height in a garden area, enhancing a structure, or to link meandering pathways.

I like to pack them with different plants using a foundation of perennials that I can reuse the following year.  Here you see a stunning combination of "Berry Smoothie" Heuchera, Sedona Coleus, bright purple Petunias, lime green Sweet Potato Vine and English Ivy. However, if the setting calls for more formality I will use clipped Box balls, Ivy topiaries, Hostas, Agaves, Alliums, Ferns,  and various dwarf evergreens.

Traditionally, clay pots look nicer and eventually have a patina of ancient moss.  A grouping of an odd number of clay pots in various sizes on top of a wall can add a frivolous flourish. 

A favorite of this client is bright red Hibiscus and deep red Roses.  For poolside these were planted together with some Lavender and Ivy.  Fragrant Rosemary was tucked in for a fragrant brush-by for the pool- side sun worshipper.  All in heavy clay pots dusted with moss and a haze of soft purple from the lavender on those sunset evenings.
A Clutch of Yellow Blossoms
Sets the stage in front of a mossed stone wall.  Pink Echinacea and White shasta Daisies echo the variegated phlox 'Nora Leigh'.  The bright yellow Helenium is the Conductor here and reverberates off the reflective waters and the joyous colors of wild Geranium and sedona Coleus.  The tall deep pink blooms of Joe Pye Weed rests on the curling tendrils of a moss rose.

Set at right angles are
Spiraea japonica 'Goldmound' and the fluffy white blooms of tree Hydrangeas. 

A surprise awaits through a swinging gate  as carpet roses of bright white, 'Snow Princess" sweet Allyssum and cinnamon ferns jostle together with perennials in a stone round.  A calming restraint to the bold contrast of the garden rooms.