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      Progressive Pleasure...A Harmonic Convergence
Enter a Lakeside retreat in Goshen, Ct.and discover a dynamic combination of native trees, herbal accents, flowering perennials and native ferns, all rubbing shoulders to enlightening effect. 
Lakeside native plantings are a disctinctive part of the American Landscape tradition.  Embroidering on that concept finds a planting scheme that fits into the landscape and connects, almost seamlessly, with the native plantings.  There are winding pathways planted in non-conventional ways as well as some romantic additions. The boulder grotto leads to a stunnning sculpture entitled "Emergence" which stands protectively over  the moss covered terrace and boulder dotted pathway.
Copper and energetic green hues crop up repeatedly so that a sense of  welcoming familiarity soon frames the view to lakeside.  There are the Heucheras of purple, rose and silver textured foliage and the fragrant and dainty rose buds of ancient rose specimens. Dancing wildflowers, a virtual Jacobs Coat of color swirls and intensity greet the prevailing breezes.
Fennel and a Copper Beech hedgeway are interplanted amongst Culver's Root, blue fringed Genetian, Lady Ferns and the gnarled and twisted rootways of Laurel. Trillium, Bloodroot, Ladys-Smock, Birds Eye Speedwell and hundreds of "Tahita" narcissus lift their heads to the early spring light and delight with their fragrance and beauty.
A long double border meanders uphill with a plant mix radically different.  Here  Maidenhair and Painted Ferns are repeated alongside colonies of bright white Astible, wild Digatalis,  golden Japanese Grass and wild Sweet William.

This slide show represents two years of achieving the site's potential.  The Before photo at the bottom of this page, shows how desperate this site was for light, enhancements, and a really good design.
Words alone can not describe the spiritual and deeply resonating peacefulness of the site. Photos can achieve a little more and perhaps in a small way evoke a feeling of the site's earthly soul. This slideshow is for your enjoyment.  Sit back and enter a magical world.....

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A Bud and Blossom Welcome!!

To watch dusk fall over the gardens, smell the evening scents of myriad blooms, hear the alarm calls of the songbirds give way to hooting owls?  A dymanic combination of peace and pleasure.

Boulders were  hand picked for color and their wonderful textures to add height and interest.  A powerful and awe inspiring "Megalith" with a natural pocket stands proud as a marker to the front entry.  A dwarf Red Maple, Viburnums, and a clutch of Sedona Coleus match the leafy interludes of a artfully compsed stained glass window just off the deck.

Dusky Rose Sedums, Lucifer Crocosmia ,which adds a brilliant touch of red, and native Ginger Root huddle by the boulders. The silver fronds of painted ferns, the lacy outlines of perennial Dusty Miller, the white transluscent petals of
Rosa Iceberg, dancing Bluebells, star burst globes of Alliums and velvety Stachys mingle and thicken.

Visiting in the evening you just might notice the paler flowers and silver textures of leaves lighting your way to a blossomy welcome.

On a side bank, directly across from this vignette is an ancient cluster of Laurels embraced with scented Nicotiana, the dripping petals of Alyssum, Iris Siberaca. and the arching canes of Syringa Vulgaris. Nestled in the shade are carpets of  Sweet Woodruff,  the Solomon Seal like buds and arching paired leaves of
Smilacina racemosa and the astonishing feathery fronds of Jacobs Ladder.. 
An eternal Spring of heavenly blooms ...

Their are few delights that compare with a morning infused with the musky scent of a wood of moss and bark. And, when that morning dawns on a soft, watery landscape of mists and birches, bud and blossoms - it is enough to tempt even the most confirmed night-owls from their beds.

The owners may sometimes be seen meandering down dew encrusted pathwys between drifts of Nepata, old-fashioned Narcissus, and fragrant Roses to their lakeside terrace. Over the weeks, the waves of Narcissus will be joined by sheets of Bluebells, the candleabras of
Veronicastrum Virginicum and the bolts of color of "Indian Paint' Bloodroot, Trillium and wild Daisies.