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A Sanctuary in Harwinton, Ct. The Owner wanted colorful, but naturalistic plantings that would enhance the setting of ponds, creeks and much wildlife. The Garden Goddess, LLC designed the walkway which follows the curvature of the stonewall.  This gave a destination to the Garden experience and also a focal point for two separate garden rooms.  The upper bed is planted with white Azaleas, Purple leaved Ninebark "Physocarpus O. Diablo", White Diamond Astible, Lavender Asters, the Autumn Crescendo Perennial Mum "Dendranthema", Bergenia "Baby Doll", Maidenhair Ferns, wild forget me nots, Peach and Pink Sherbet "Paeonia officinalis", "Caramel" Heucheras, Fuchsia Asters, Lady Fern and Beverly Sills, coral pink Bearded Iris, bright rose "Pontentilla" "Phlox divaricata" which is a Ct. native and a soft blue color, and Jacobs Ladder.  In the spring this area is a feast of white Hyacinth, red riding hood tulips, Scilla Tubergeniana and Narcissus Tahiti.
First, the 6" of mulch that had been laid by the previous Landscaper was scraped off. The soil was then tested and amended. Compost was added and forked in to aerate the compacted soil. Boulders were selected and brought in to add interest to the Garden Areas and also to shelter the wildflowers and ferns that were nestled against them.

Diseased plants were removed, other plants were reconfigured, and the foundation plantings were moved forward  to allow for growth, and to retain an air space between foundation and plantings..

Perennials were added with a mix of ferns and native wildflowers.  In the fall 750 bulbs were planted in these gardens with a colour scheme of salmon, peach and soft blue.

The resulting blend of textures and color are a unique blend of welcoming and healthy
plantings.  The owner is justly proud of his home's entry.

It pays to remember that a a garden is a concerto in three acts here in New England.
Frustrated Home Owners Seek Colour and Interest in Litchfield, Ct. These clients had just paid another Landscaper to install welcoming gardens in their front yard.  Unfortunately, soil  had not been tested or amended, wrong choices in planting materials, and lack of  a cohesive design plan was the end result.  Dr. Garden Goddess was called in to rectify the situation!
In 2008, we shall reconfigure the back Gardens by installing a Kitchen Herb Garden and a crescent Moon Garden.  The Owner had also asked us about designing an organic vegetable garden with manageable yields. To view the completed and yielding Potager go to...
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In symposiums and in my writings I’ve talked about designs that are held together by a sense of rhythm. We create this rhythm through the recurrent use of a number of key plants. I refer to these repeated elements in a garden design as Echoes. Echoes generate parallels of color and texture and are a great way to make a conclusive statement, add a finishing touch, or simply provide a visual template.

Note the echos of soft pink blooms interlaced through the foliage in the photograph to the left.

A garden is a concerto in three acts. If you consider this, it‘s easy to plan your garden utilizing the concepts we’ve discussed, such as rhythm and echoes. Select your plants based on the colors you have chosen, keeping in mind the plant’s needs and height.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the selection process, begin with a small section of the garden area or a simple planting plan and expand from that area. You can always add as you go along, making it more complex over time if that‘s what appeals to you. Actually, you can create greater visual appeal when you blend the planting scheme into the landscape by using smaller groups and smaller sized plants closer to the house and increasing the scale and planting in drifts as you move away from the house. If you happen to have a view, you’ll discover that the more expansive that view, the smaller and simpler the planting needs to be.