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                                              2007-2003 Design Portfolio Opening Page
                            Wallingford Ct.
              Commercial Installation

This photograph was taken in September of 2006.  The Garden Goddess, LLC had finished the Garden Design and Lawn Installation in July. The Blueprints for this Garden Design and Walkways  were created by The Garden Goddess, LLC.
Note the curved Walkway which leads to the entry and repeats the curvature of the entry lounge.

Trees are so important to the composition of any good Design. Their textures and colours and tracery form the backdrop to your Design "set".  The trick in choosing Trees, is first to consider what role they have to play, and secondly how many virtures and how few vices you can combine in a plant that is going to loom so large for so long in the Design schematic.  The Thundercloud Purple Plum Trees shown here, which flower in April and May with hundreds of pink blossoms, showcase the smaller plum bushes prunus japonica.
Eventually the trees will form an arbor over the Walkway.

The Design concept for this Installation was based on reducing the severity of the modernistic lines of the building, and to  bring a Landscape of colourful beauty that was highly visible from the street as well as the interior offices.

A Field Granite double waterfall.  These stones were handpicked at a West Cornwall quarry by The Garden Goddess, LLC and delivered to the Wallingford site. The facings of the boulders in front are white quartz which sparkle like  many diamonds in the morning sun.  From the interior of the Lounge, the sound and the look of this Waterfall is a living canvas of natural art and is very visible, as are the plantings at the rear of the Waterfall. The plantings directly in front of the waterfall are mosses and thyme, which will eventually form a green carpet. 
Notice how lush these plantings look just 3 months after installation.  A masterful stroke was the use of the dwarf arborvitae, which maintain their greenness in the winter. These highlight the stark silvery white trunks of the River Birches and the furled winter foliage of the Rhododendrums and Laurels. 

   Coe Memorial Park
        Botanical Gardens 
Spring Gardening is dramatized by the mass plantings of bulbs.  This area is planted with five hundred colourful tulips in creams, pinks and peaches. The Garden opposite is planted with hundreds of Hyacinthoides (bluebells) and lavender and white tulips. Planted next to a large clump of bright blue Delphiniums, are silvery- lilac pinball Alliums and the deep midnight blue of perennial Salvia.  The walkway and the curving lines of the lounge area are planted with Nepata (catmint). This is kept trimmed so it flowers the entire season, as well as forms a border for both areas. 
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